There is nothing more heartening than receiving a gift that allows us to serve one more family in need.  We are so grateful for the wonderful contribution the Mother’s Hope Foundation has made to build the Mother’s Hope Endowment here at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh – helping us serve many more families in need.

The Mother’s Hope Foundation Endowment is particularly dedicated to providing financial support to families who are special because it is the only permanent fund we have battling cancer.  Every year, this fund generates income that is given directly to families in need.

We recently heard a story from our social work team about one such family with a little girl battling cancer.  Despite traditional chemotherapy treatment, the little girl’s cancer was unchanged and Children’s physicians determined that a bone marrow transplant was the child’s only hope for a cure.  In November, the little girl received her bone marrow transplant at Children’s and is doing much better!  Her guardians have been here with her every step of the way thanks to extra support provided by Mother’s Hope.

On behalf of this family and all the families that benefit from your support, thank you for your boundless generosity.


J. Gregory Barrett

President of Children’s Hospital Foundation


J. Gregory Barrett